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Introducing Symbient™ Opta™

Are you tired of paying multiple companies for multiple products that don't integrate? With Symbient™ Opta™, you get everything in 1 product at 1 low cost.

  • Track your customers from leads to closed deals with our CRM.
  • Keep an eye on everything from your bottom line to your top dollar with our Accounting.
  • Collaborate with co-workers and connect with customers using our private & secure video conferencing.


Unlike traditional ERP's, Symbient™ Opta™ provides complete, end-to-end business management. Our tools allow you to develop and deliver a timeline representation of all milestones, tasks, and customer needs to produce and deliver results at breakneck speeds.

As an example, in today's hyper-competitive business environment, establishing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers is a must. Properly managing these relationships can be critical to a company's success. Symbient™ Opta™'s CRM is designed to help build and maintain strong customer relationships with ease. Besides capturing basic contact information (who, where, how), Symbient™ Opta™ also captures where your company stands with its relationships to its customers.

Feature Rich

Symbient™ Opta™ was designed to challenge and change the ERP industry. To do so, Symbient™ Opta™ implements cutting edge technologies in artificial intelligence at its core.

Affordable Pricing

We want to be a partner with you and help you grow your business. Our pricing model is designed to provide all the functionality you need at an affordable cost.

Easy to Use

Symbient™ Opta™ provides a seamless and coherent user interface, enabling your staff to focus on managing customer needs and less time maintaining tools.

Invaluable Insights

With powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards, you have information and insight typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies.

Robust Tools

Unlike our competitors that charge premium for inferior functionality, Symbient™ Opta™ offers the "kitchen sink" when it comes to tools you need to run your business effectively & efficiently.

Unrivaled Support

Symbient™ Opta™ employs the brightest minds and the latest in artificial intelligence to provide top of the line support so you're never without help.


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per user per month Free 30 day trial!

What you get

Affordable pricing
Free updates & new features when available
No software to install, everything runs in your browser
Free unrivaled support
Enterprise-level features
All-in-one application
Stop paying high prices for multiple applications that don't integrate, provided by multiple companies that require multiple support fees, and don't provide everything your business needs.

Symbient™ Opta™ provides an affordable all-in-one A.I. powered ERP & CRM like no other.

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