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How to Create Expenses

Prerequisites: None Alternatives: None See Also: Add Items to Expenses

Symbient Opta allows for the capture and reporting of Expenses. The Expenses can be incurred by either an employee or just the company itself. You are also able to capture if the employee was reimbursed or not.

Because expenses impact accounting accounts, Symbient Opta updates the appropriate Accounts Payable, Asset (ex: Banking) and Expense accounts.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: Accounting > Accounts Payable > Expenses.

    You will now see a list of any existing Expenses along with the Add button.

  2. Click the Add button to navigate to the Account Payable - Record Expense entry screen.
  3. When the Account Payable - Record Expense entry screen opens, fill in all required information along with optional information and click the Save button.
    1. Required Fields
      1. Company - This is your company and is auto populated by default.
      2. Accounts Payable Account - Dropdown of Accounts Payable Accounts
      3. Expense Account - Dropdown of Expense Accounts
      4. Purpose - The reason for this transaction
      5. Reference Number - self populates with a incremented number
      6. Transaction Date - The date of the transaction (self populates with today's date)
    2. Optional Fields
      1. Approval Date - The date Approved
      2. Paid Date - The date Paid
      3. Employee - Dropdown list of company employees
      4. Project - Dropdown list of Projects
      5. Period Start - The start date of the period
      6. Period End - The end date of the period
      7. Paid Amount - The amount paid
      8. Amount Reimbursed to Employee - The amount reimbursed to the employee
    3. Protected/Read Only Fields
      1. Amount Owed
  4. Once you have successfully saved your Expense, you are now ready to add Items to your Expense.
  5. Once you have successfully saved your Expense, you can add Notes and Attachments.
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