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How to Manage Custom Fields

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Symbient Opta provides users with the ability to add custom fields to the following areas:

  1. From the Main Menu expand the Admin Item
    1. Click and expand Custom Fields
    2. Select the area you want to add a custom field.
  2. To Add; In each case you Press the Add Field button and you will get the appropriate Custom Field screen.
  3. You need to add
    1. Required
      1. Field Name
      2. Field Type
      3. Note: A field type is a kind of field; for example a text field is an alphanumeric field.
    2. Optional
      1. Description
      2. Field Default
      3. Field Help
    3. Checkboxes
      1. "Is Required" checkbox makes the field required.
        1. This will prompt an edit check if the field is left blank.
      2. "Is Searchable" checkbox allows the field to be included in search features.
  4. Remember to press the save button to save this new field to the appropriate area.
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