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How to Search & Navigate the Menu

Prerequisites: None Alternatives: New Dashboard Icon
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The navigation menu on the left of every page provides easy navigation to any location in the application. Menus are displayed and accessible for users with appropriate permissions. Each menu can be expanded to display additional sub-menus, and some sub-menus contain their own sub-menus for grouping of similar functionality.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta.
  2. If the menu option has an arrow at its right, left-click the menu item to expand it.
  3. If the menu option does not have an arrow at its right, left-click the menu item to navigate to that page.

    Note: To quickly find any menu item without expanding each individual parent menu, type the name of the menu item you are seeking into the "Search" field just above the navigation menu. This will filter the menu based on the keyword(s) you enter.
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