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How to Add Items to Purchase Orders

Prerequisites: Create Purchase Orders
Alternatives: None See Also: Search Purchase Orders

A Purchase Order may include multiple items (goods or services), and each item needs to be entered separately on the Purchase Order. Items are entered using the Items tab and allows you the ability to capture each item, quantity, price and any sale price. All the total of all the items is captured and shown on both the Items tab as well as on the Details tab.

  1. After successfully saving the Purchase Order, click on the Items tab.
  2. Click the Add Item button.
  3. Enter the Product or Service that you want to add to the Purchase Order.
  4. Once you have entered the Product or Service, you can enter.
    1. Qty - defaults to 1
    2. Cost Price - this is the amount you pay per item.
    3. Optional Notes - you can enter any notes per line item.
  5. You can repeat steps 2 thru 4 until all Products and/or Services have been entered for this order.
  6. Click the Save button
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