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How to Create Documents

Prerequisites: None Alternatives: None See Also: Add Notes
Add Attachments

Documents is a repository for corporate documents.

  1. From the Main Menu select and expand the HR (Human Resources) folder icon, Click on the Documents icon.
  2. This will bring up the Documents screen.
  3. Manage Document Folders
    1. At the top of the Documents screen is a Folder:root > Add ( The button is grey)
    2. Initially all documents would be placed in the root folder.
    3. Pressing this Add button will bring up a Folder Name add pop-up.
    4. Enter the name of the new folder for whatever type of documentation you need.
    5. Click OK and the new folder is created.
    6. Click on the new folder and now the top line will read Folder:root > (new folder name) > Add
      1. At this point all Documents that you create will be in the new folder
      2. If you choose to add a new folder at this point, the new folder will be inside the folder you just created.
      3. You can create as many folders as you like, at any level.
      4. You will only see the folders at the same level you move to in the path..
      5. To delete a folder. Right mouse click to get the Delete/Rename pop-up
      6. Deleting a folder will delete all subfolders and documents.
      7. To return to root. Click the root section of the documents path.
  4. Add a new Document
    1. Press the (green) Add button.
    2. This will bring up the Add/Edit Document screen on the General Tab
    3. Select the company from the drop-down (required)
    4. Enter a name for the document (required)
    5. Enter a description of the document (optional)
    6. Click the save button to save the document information
    7. Click on the Document tab and enter the Document information.
    8. Click on save to save any work
    9. Click on the Attachments Tab to Add Attachments to this document (See How to Add Attachments).
    10. Click on the Notes Tab to add Notes to this document (See How to Add Notes)
  5. Edit a existing Document
  6. Delete a existing Document
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