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How to Log Time

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Time Tracker provides employees with a place to log the time they spend working on Tasks and performing other duties. Time recorded in the Time Tracker is made available to users' managers on the HR > Time Tracker Manager page.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: My Stuff > Time Tracker.
  2. Change the calendar view by clicking the Month, Week, or Day buttons in the top-right corner. The default is "week".
  3. Navigate between months, weeks, and days using the arrows in the top-left corner.
  4. Click any time slot on the calendar to launch the Log Time popup window.
  5. Select the Company of the employee you are logging time for.
  6. Select the User (employee).
  7. If you are logging time for internal work provided, select your company in the Log Time Against Company drop down.
  8. If you are logging time for another company or customer, select that company from the Log Time Against Company drop down.
  9. Click the Work Type field to present a predefined list of options to choose from, or type in a new value.
  10. If applicable, select a Project and Task.
  11. Select values for Start Time and End Time. Duration will be calculated from the difference between Start & End times.
  12. Provide a Description of the work done during that time.
  13. Click the Save button
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