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Predefined User Roles

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Create User Roles
Assign User Roles
Delete User Roles
Modify User Roles

There are three Roles that are included with Symbient Opta:
You can use the included Roles as is, modify them, or add new Roles to the existing Roles to meet your company's needs. You can also add permissions to the default Roles or modify a Roles permissions.

  1. To view a predefined role select the pencil icon to the left of your desired role.
  2. Check to the left of the item and press the Edit button.

Note: Because of the flexibility of Roles and their underlying permissions, and what impact that may have with any new features deployed to Symbient Opta. It is important that you keep at least one Admin User with full and complete access.

Access the Roles screen from the Main Menu via expanding the Admin section > and clicking on User Roles.

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