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How to Setup Repeating Invoices

Prerequisites: Invoices
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In Symbient Opta, you can set up a repeating Invoice.

  1. Setting an Invoice as repeating can occur two ways.
    1. During creation of Invoice
    2. After having created and saved an Invoice, select the Invoice that you would like to capture the payment for by clicking on Accounting > Accounts Receivable > Invoices and from the list of orders either:
      1. Click on the Pencil icon
      2. Check the box and select Edit
      3. Click the Invoice Number link
  2. On the Details tab of your Invoice, check Invoice Repeats.
  3. New fields are now available
    1. Repeating is Active - This indicates that the repeat is Active.
      1. Must be checked to start the repeat.
      2. To discontinue repeat invoice after initial child repeat is created, uncheck this.
    2. Next Invoice Due On - When the next Invoice is due.
      1. The new Invoice will be created x days before the Due Date based on Billing Period (Days).
      2. This date is updated after each child invoice is created based on the Repeats Every below.
    3. Repeats Every
      1. Repeats for a set number of times.
      2. Day, Week, Month, or Year of the value selected.
    4. Ends - When the repeating invoices should end
      1. Never
      2. On - Certain date for repeat to end
      3. After # of Occurrences
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Once the repeating invoie is created, there will be a link to "View Parent Invoice".
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