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How to Live Chat with Your Organization

Prerequisites: Dashboard Widgets
Alternatives: None See Also: Reopen Widgets

Symbient Opta provides several quick & easy ways to communicate with your team. One way you can do this on a company wide scale is by using the "Company Chat" widget on the Dashboard.

Company Chat is a simple text-based mechanism that allows you to share real-time messages with your colleagues. Messages entered into the Company Chat are instantaneously delivered and made available to other users of Opta that are also on the Dashboard page. These messages are also persisted so that they will also be available when leaving and returning to the Dashboard.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu option: Dashboard

    You will now see a Dashboard containing several boxes for things like Company Chat, Log Time, To-Do List, Quick Message, and Project & Task Statuses.

  2. Left-click into the text box at the bottom of the "Company Chat" widget where it says "Type message..."

    Note: If the "Company Chat" widget is not available, you will need to reopen it. See Reopen Widgets

  3. Type your message into the text box and press the enter key (or click the plus button to the right) to have your message published.

    Note: Messages published by other users will automatically appear in your Company Chat. No action is required on your part.
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