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How to Create and Manage To-Do Lists

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On any given day we all have things that need to get done. Symbient Opta provides a simple way to track these things, monitor their status, break them down into bite-size chunks, prioritize them, and assign & share them with others.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: My Stuff > To-Do.
  2. Click the Add button.
  3. Select your Company

    Note: If you are creating a Todo List for employees at a subsidiary company, select the Company those employees are part of.

  4. Enter a value in the Name field.
  5. Select a Status for your Todo List.
  6. Type employee names into the Assigned To field. As you type, employee names will appear in a drop down below the Assigned To field. Click to select the employees you want to work on this Todo List.
  7. If applicable, provide a Due Date & Description.
  8. Click the Save button

    Note: Todo Lists are visible to everyone in your organization. If you wish to make the Todo List only visible to those whom it has been assigned to, check the "Is private (only visible to assignees)" checkbox, then click Save.

  9. Click the Items tab.
  10. Click the Add Item button. A form will appear to the right.
  11. Provide an Item Name and Status. Other fields are optional.
  12. Click the Save button. The new List Item will appear on the left.
  13. Left-click your mouse button on the arrows next to List Items.
    1. Drag the List Items above and below the others, then drop them in the order of priority.

      Note: After sorting List Items in the desired priority, you do not have to click Save again. Dropping List Items in their desired order automatically updates their order on the server.

    Once a Todo List has been created and assigned to employees, it can be emailed to those assignees by clicking the "Email to Assignees" button on the General tab after opening a Todo List.
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