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How to Manage Lists

Prerequisites: None Alternatives: None See Also: Add Lists
Edit Lists
Delete Lists

Here you can, Create, Add, Edit, Clone/Copy, Delete and manage current lists.

To get to the list manager from the Main Menu expand the Admin Item > Click on List Manager

To add a new list press the Add button, to edit an existing list press the pencil icon to the left of the list. In both cases this will bring up the Add/Edit List screen You need to make sure the Company selected in the dropdown is the appropriate company to get this new list. Add the "Name" of the list (a required field) and a "Description" of the list an optional field. Remember to save your work by pressing the save button.

Once that is completed click on the Items tab to go create and edit items. Here you will add or edit items for the new list. Just click on the Add Item button, add the "Item Name" (a required field) and the "Description" (an optional field). Click on the save button to add the new item to the bottom of the list. You can change the list order by dragging and dropping items up and down the list. Remember to click the save button to save any changes.

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