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How to Send Messages within Opta

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View Sent Messages

Symbient Opta provides its own internal messaging system that allows companies to share messages in a familiar way. Just like any traditional Email Inbox, the Mailbox is a place where users can send email style messages with each other, and provides a place for the system to notify the user of anything of importance, such as Calendar invitations, among others.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: My Stuff > Mailbox.
  2. Click the New Message button.
  3. Click the To field to drop down a list of employees within your organization.
  4. Select an employee from the To field.
  5. Enter a Subject.
  6. Type in your Message.
  7. Click the Send button

    Note: When sending a message in the Mailbox, the recipient will receive an email at their respective email address informing them they have received a new message in Symbient Opta. For privacy reasons, the actual message in the Mailbox is not included in the email notification.
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