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How to Create Product Categories

Prerequisites: None Alternatives: None See Also: Add Fields

Categories are used to group Products or Services that will have similar attributes or characteristics. Using Categories help you and Opta to organize and process similar Products and Services.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: Accounting>Products >Categories & Fields.

    You will now see a list of any existing Categories along with the Add button.

  2. Click the Add button to create a new Category.
  3. When the Category entry screen opens, fill in all the required information along with options information and click Save.
    1. Required Fields
      1. Company - This is your company and is auto populated by default.
      2. Name - This is what you want to call the Category.
      3. Type - This will either be Product or Service.
    2. Optional Fields
      1. None
    3. Protected/Read Only Fields
      1. None
  4. Once you have successfully saved your Category, you are now ready to add any custom fields to your Category.

Note: It is NOT required to add any custom fields to a Category.
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