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How to Create Purchase Orders

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Symbient Opta allows you to create Purchase Orders for itesm your company is buying from other businesses. The Purchase Order can then be sent to the other business for them to process. Purchase Orders do not directly accounting but can/will turn into an Invoice/Bill that you can log in Pay Bills.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: Accounting > Accounts Payable > Purchase Orders.
    • You will now see a list of any existing Purchase Orders along with the Add button.
  2. Click the Add button to navigate to the Account Payable - Purchase Order entry screen.
  3. When the Account Payable - Purchase Order entry screen opens, fill in all required information along with optional information and click the Save button.
    1. Required Fields
      1. Company - This is your company and is auto populated by default.
      2. Vendor - This is the business/individual that will be getting fulfilling the PO.
      3. Reference Number - This is the number used to reference this PO. Could be supplied to you by your Vendor.
      4. PO Number - This is number of the Purchase Order.
    2. Optional Fields
      1. Billing Address - Opta will use the billing address for whomever is selected in the Pay To field. However, if you need to send the PO to a different address, you can enter the new address in this field.
      2. Transaction Date - The date of the PO transaction took/takes place.
      3. Due Date - The date the Item's on the PO are due.
      4. Shipped Date & Time - This is the date and time when the items on the PO were shipped to you.
      5. Paid Date - The date you paid for the items on the PO.
      6. Details - The Details allows you to capture any information needed to know what the PO is for or why it was done.
    3. Protected/Read Only Fields
      1. Total Amount - This is the total of the items from the Items tab.
  4. When you are done entering the information about your bill, click on the Save button.
  5. Once you have successfully saved your Purchase Order, you are now ready to add Items to your Purchase Order using the Items tab.
  6. Once you have successfully saved your dill, you can add Notes and Attachments.
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