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How to Create Invoice PDFs

Prerequisites: Invoices
Alternatives: None See Also: Add Items
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Setup Repeating Invoices
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In Symbient Opta, you can export an Invoice to a PDF, which can then be downloaded and saved, emailed or printed for your records, or provided to a Customer for their records.

  1. After having created and saved an Invoice, with or without Items, select the Invoice that you would like to export to PDF by clicking on Accounting > Accounts Receivable > Invoice from the left-side menu, and from the list of orders:
    1. Click on the Pencil icon
    2. Check the box and click Edit
    3. Click the Invoice Number link
  2. On the Details tab of your Invoice, click the Download PDF button.
  3. Symbient Opta will automatically open a new tab in your browser and display the Invoice document.
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