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How to Create Expense Types

Prerequisites: Expenses
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Expense Types are used on Expense reports to help define and organize the different expenses your company may want to track or account for. Opta provides an extensive default list of expenses but also allows you to create, edit or delete depending on your needs.

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: Accounting > Accounts Payable > Expense Types

    You will now see a list of any existing Expense Types along with the Add button.

  2. Click the Add button to navigate to the new Add/Edit Expense Type entry screen.
  3. When the Add/Edit Expense Type entry screen opens, fill in all required information along with optional information and click the Save button.
    1. Required Fields
      1. Company - This is your company and is auto populated by default.
      2. Name - This is what you want to call the Expense Type.
    2. Optional Fields
      1. Parent - If this Expense Type is to be a child of another existing Expense Type, select the Parent Expense Type to nest it under.
      2. Description - Allows you to provide a detailed description of the new Expense Type that will help with understanding of how and when it should be used on the Expense report.
    3. Protected/Read Only Fields
      1. N/A
  4. Click the Save button
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