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How to Add Project Versions

Prerequisites: Projects
Alternatives: None See Also: None

  1. Log into Symbient Opta and click on the menu options: Projects > Projects

    You will now see a list of existing Projects.

  2. Open an existing project and click on the Versions tab.

    You will now see a list of existing Project Versions.

  3. Click the Add button to create a new project version
  4. Fill in all required fields along with any optional fields you see fit
    1. Required Fields
      1. Version Number and / or Name - The name or number of the version which should be unique within the project
      2. Status - A list of predefined status values for the project version
    2. Optional Fields
      1. Due Date - The planned date when this version is due
      2. Description - A more detailed description of the project version
  5. Click the Save button and the new Project Version should appear in the list
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